Does your pool look “tired”? What can you do, or have your swimming pool service contractor from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair do on your behalf to breathe new life back into your family swimming pool? Should your concrete pool be acid washed? It just might need to!

The swimming pool service contractors from Scottsdale, Arizona are well-versed in acid washing swimming pools and know that it can make your tired swimming pool look almost new again.

Should your concrete pool be acid washed?

There are a couple of terms that new swimming pool owners sometimes get incorrect: acid wash and chlorine wash. A chlorine wash is typically used if your swimming pool has been overrun with algae. A chlorine wash, also called superchlorination, will help remove algae spores and keep the swimming pool water free of bacteria.

Superchlorination helps keep the mineral levels in the pool in balance and can help reduce calcium hardness. Calcium hardness can damage the pool equipment and make it not operate as well or as effectively as it should.

Acid washing

When the swimming pool is acid washed, it is the plaster that is cleaned. An acid wash removes the top layer of the concrete to reveal the new, white concrete beneath. Acid washing removes staining and makes the deck and pool plaster bright white! When your pool contractor does this he will add muriatic acid to his cleaning supplies. He will pour acid on the walls and bottom of the pool (if the project is that intensive) or he will simply clean the deck. Once the pool is acid washed, it is thoroughly cleaned so no acid remains in the water.

Acid washing removes metallic stains (rust) calcium deposits and organic stains. An acid wash doesn’t have to be completed often, but when it does you will want to ask your swimming pool service contractor to schedule a time to do this on your behalf. He knows best how to

An acid wash, much like a chlorine wash, will remove organic stains, metallic stains and calcium deposits.  Unlike a chlorine wash, an acid wash will remove a thin layer of the pool plaster.

After your swimming pool has been acid washed you will be amazed at how brand new it looks! Give us a call if you want to have your pool acid washed this season.