As swimming pool service contractors in Scottsdale, Arizona we clean concrete, fiberglass and vinyl liner pools. Each one has a unique way of cleaning and maintenance and our experienced pool service contractors can keep your pool running and looking like new. When it comes to pool construction materials we know there are 5 reasons to get a concrete pool.

Regardless of the pool construction material you opt for, make sure you plan for how — and who — will keep the pool water clean. There is nothing worse in an Arizona summer than not having access to your backyard pool because it’s algae-ridden. When you’re diligent in cleaning the pool or when you hire a pool maintenance pro you can rest assured that the pool water will remain clean and ready for you to use when you’re ready to jump in.

5 Reasons To Get A Concrete Pool

If you’re new to pool ownership and are still on the fence about what construction material to get, here are a few concrete aka gunite considerations.

  1. Concrete, more than any other pool, will increase your home’s resale value.
  2. They are a great investment for the long term. You get your money’s worth with a concrete pool project.
  3. They enhance the beauty and ambiance of your yard and make you want to be outdoors in an Arizona summer.
  4. They won’t spring a leak.
  5. With concrete, you have more design options than with any other material. If you have a dream for a unique pool shape, concrete should be your go to.

The bottom line: A concrete swimming pool is a unique choice for families seeking a unique flair with their swimming pool design. They do take longer to construct, but the wait is worth it once you know you’ll be spending decades enjoying your custom built swimming pool. Give us a call during the construction process and let us give you an estimate for your pool maintenance needs.

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