Swimming pool owners in Arizona may not think they need or want to heat the water but solar makes sense for AZ pool owners, especially for those cool desert nights. The swimming pool contractors from SwimRight, Scottsdale AZ pool service contractors explain that a solar heater makes sense. Harness the power of the sun and heat the pool water when necessary.

In years past, heating a pool was a costly undertaking but with solar-powered systems more prevalent and the costs coming down, a heat pump really added to your electric bill regardless of how temperate the water was. 

Solar swimming pool heaters and heat pumps make so much sense and are an efficient way to heat the pool water, especially when we see so much sunny weather in Arizona! Solar is more efficient and effective especially in AZ than gas, electric or oil heaters, solar heat pumps cost less to operate, making them a more attractive option.

Solar makes sense for AZ pool owners

Solar heaters have an option for temperature control so you won’t be swimming in bathtub warm water — well unless you want to. Solar heating systems include:

  • A solar heat collector.
  • Filter. This removes debris before the water is pumped through the solar heat collector
  • Pump. This circulates the water through the filter and collector and then back to the pool
  • Flow control valve. This can be either an automatic or manual device that diverts the pool water through the solar collector

It could cost around $4,000 or more for a solar-powered heater but you’ll find that within a year and a half to seven years (depending on how often and how warmly you heat the water) it will pay for itself. For their costs, a solar heat pump lasts longer than other heat pump types. If you’re looking to cut down on monthly utility bills and use the environment to heat your pool, a solar heat cover is a way to go.

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