There are some days when you don’t really want to swim laps but you do want to be in and around the water. What can you do? Investraft in some pool floats and lounges. These are great pieces of equipment to help you simply kick back and relax in your swimming pool. Talk to your swimming pool service contractor in Scottsdale, Arizona about the types and styles of rafts and floats they have available for sale.

Today’s rafts and floats are sturdy enough to hold more than one person and even have compartments for storing your suntan lotion or a book. Many of them have drink holders and pillows for your head and feet. If you really want to relax in style, look for a lounge that has an adjustable backrest. If you don’t want to be all the way in the water (as you’d need to be to get into a raft) look at investing in a water hammock and ask your pool service contractor from SwimRight Pools about installing it in a shady corner of the swimming pool.

The prices for a lounge for your pool can range anywhere from $25 up to or over $200 depending on what you’re looking for.

Having access to an always clean swimming pool because you’ve worked with a swimming pool service contractor means that you can jump in and use your pool whenever the mood strikes – and in the hot Arizona summer we bet it will strike often!


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