Algae in your swimming pool is something that your swimming pool service contractor will strive to prevent from happening. There are myriad reasons why your pool may become plagued by this green slimy one-celled plant, but in many cases, neglect is noted as the main reason. If you find your pool taking on that green hue, you will want to immediately contact a Scottsdale, algae swimming pool Arizona swimming pool service contractor to address it before the pool becomes completely over run.

Algae occurs most frequently in plaster pools because the rough surface of the plaster gives the algae something it can cling to while it is growing but it can appear elsewhere and in other types of pools.

The best way to address algae is to prevent it from growing in the first place. Diligent care, cleaning and maintenance can help, but even if you are fastidious about the cleaning and keeping the water clean and chemicals in balance – algae could still happen.  Algae causing spores could be carried in from the water use used to fill the pool and can even be carried in on the wind.

The swimming pool service providers from Swim Right Pools explain that algae is most prevalent in shallow water because the water there heats up faster than deeper water and the warmth is what the algae needs to thrive. Pool steps are a favorite breeding ground for spores so pay special attention to them when you’re performing your maintenance.

Algae is difficult to remove once it’s taken hold even though some might be able to be brushed or scrubbed away, other types of algae take more elbow grease and concentrated removal efforts. Talk to a trusted swimming pool service contractor if you see hints of algae in your swimming pool and know that working with a pool contractor is one of the best ways to prevent algae from getting a foothold in your pool.


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