When we pay a service visit we get asked all the time, is it safe to swim in cloudy water? The short answer is, that you shouldn’t. The long answer is you need to give us a call so we can get to the bottom of the cloudy water. Ask any pool owner and he or she will tell you how much work they require to keep clean and keep the water chemistry balanced.

That’s why so many pool owners in Scottsdale, Arizona work with a swimming pool contractor from Swim Right Pool Service & Repair you will be able to spend your free time swimming, not cleaning the swimming pool.

If there comes a time when you go for a swim and notice that the water is cloudy, do you know what to do to get it clear and swimmable? It could take a bit of work and chemical adjustment to make it happen. When you work with us and have us clean and maintain your pool, the chance of cloudy water happening is minimal, but can still occasionally occur.

Cloudy or milky-looking water typically arises because of a disinfection system or water circulation issue.

Is it safe to swim in cloudy water?

Here’s what we will do to address the cloudy water in your pool water

  • Check the levels of disinfectant in the water.
  • Check that the pump is working correctly.
  • Check strainers and the filter to make certain they aren’t clogged.
  • Air bubbles could cause cloudy-looking water. We will check the lid on the strainer to make sure it’s not loose because if it is it could be aerating the water and that could make it look cloudy.
  • Check pool chemical levels and everything will be balanced if they’re not in the correct ratios.

When you work with us, you will have lower levels of stress when it comes to pool maintenance because we take care of it for you! Give us a call today and schedule a time for us to give you an estimate.

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