Did you know there are a lot of choices of hot tub jets? There are probably more types than you can count on your fingers and your toes! What kind of hot tub jets should you get? The swimming pool and hot tub contractors from SwimRight Pool & Spa Service in Scottsdale, AZ put together a list of the various types and the reasons you may choose one over another.

After you’ve made the decision to get a hot tub, now you need to decide what kind of jets, where they will be placed and what seating arrangements you want for your hot tub set up.

Will you want soothing bubbles or jets that provide strong pulsation senses that can deeply massage and relax your tight muscles. Make certain you sit in a hot tub before you buy it to see where the jets will hit on your body once you are in — yes, wear your bathing suit and be prepared to get into the hot tub!

What kind of hot tub jets should you get?

Here are various types of jets available:

  • Swirl jets – provide a gentle massage action and with this style you may be able to adjust the water pressure that emanates from the jets. These jets rotate and provide relief from the direct flow jets and they also cover more of your body than a straight-flow jet.
  • Air jets – provide a constant stream of bubbles. With air jets, your body receives a soothing all over massage from the jets. These are typically the lightest pressure-providing jets and are typically used when you’re looking for a hot tub or spa for relaxation purposes.
  • Whirlpool jets – are the type usually seen in hydrotherapy pools to treat injuries. The jets have large, round openings and pull water from other outlets and concentrate the water pressure on your specific body areas – legs, back, etc. They offer a deep massage.
  • Oscillating jets make it feel a wave-like motion and deliver a jet stream that offers relief from back aches. If you opt for a few oscillating jets you can receive coverage on your entire back.
  • Mini jets – offer intense, precisely-targeted jets and treat specific spots on your body. If you’d like you can get a hot tub with mini jets that are clustered together and will provide a strong therapeutic effect.
  • Pulsating jets – dig down deep into your muscles and tissues, the pulsating jets will be the style you’ll choose. These jets can also be used in conjunction with spiral or rotating jets.

No matter what kind of jets you get in your hot tub, you can adjust the pressure to address various parts of your body

Regardless of the type of jets you get, spending time in a hot tub is relaxing and soothing. Give us a call if you want to talk about adding a hot tub to your Scottsdale, AZ back yard.

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