SwimRight Pool Service Contractors in Scottsdale, AZ renovate & remodel swimming pools

In Arizona it is still swim season for many pool owners, but for others they may be winding down the time spent in the pool, but are looking forward to the next swim season. Sometimes when thoughts turn toward an upcoming swim season, many pool owners find they want to make upgrades or updates to their the pool itself or to some of the equipment used to operate it.  Updating pool equipment to energy efficient styles will help save money in overall pool operating, maintenance and service costs.

Here are a few of the benefits you may reap from a swimming pool upgrade or updating project:

  • It will breathe new life into the pool and enhance your enjoymentpool gazebo
  • A modern look enhances the beauty of your outdoor living space
  • Updated pool equipment will enhance efficiency and overall operating costs

The next time your swimming pool service contractor from SwimRight Pools pays a visit spend some time with him and ask about options your pool may either require as part of an upgrade or what items you can upgrade or update simply because you want to, here are some he may suggest:

  1. Upgrading and updating the ceramic pool tiles or replacing the coping
  2. Adding an accessory such as a rock waterfall, a fountain, pool lighting, a diving board or slide
  3. Making a change to a salt water chlorination system for either health or environmental reasons
  4. Automate the pool and its operation by having your pool contractor add remote controlled options that will allow you to turn the heater on or off remotely, turn on the lights, remove or replace the pool cover or turn on the jets in your hot tub. Automation can also take the form of robotic vacuuming systems and infloor pool cleaners
  5. Consider adding a pool house, gazebo or an awning to provide cover from the hot sun  and to perhaps prevent bugs, rodents or debris from falling into the pool

Get your budget in mind and then determine which projects you definitely need to complete as compared to those you want to complete and begin the process soon so that the pool is ready when the next swim season rolls around.

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