Swimming pools are fun for everyone. That is even more true if the pool is able to be used by everyone in the family. Is your swimming pool mobility-impaired-friendly? This could mean someone who has difficulty walking or with mobility or for an older adult who can no longer or no longer wants to climb up and down the ladder to get into the pool.

There are many assistive devices to help people into and out of the pool and the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair can work with you to have them installed. Swimming pools offer therapeutic and exercise benefits and are a great place for entertainment and family time.

When you have a pool it is a low-impact way to strengthen muscles or to just relax. Swimming, water aerobics and water walking are ideal exercises for people with physical disabilities or those recovering from injuries. If you’re looking to make your pool accessible to everyone, there are methods to consider.

Is your swimming pool mobility-impaired-friendly

  • If you already have a pool and are remodeling it and installing a permanent ramp isn’t feasible, you can purchase portable ramps that make getting into and out of the water easier. The ramps work well for those who use an aquatic wheelchair.
  • With in-ground pools, you can install a ramp that descends on a slow inclined slope from the deck to the bottom of the pool. It is best to build the ramp at the same time you build the pool, but it can be installed after the fact. Also, remember to install a handrail as an additional support mechanism.
  • An above-ground pool simply might not offer a way to install a ramp so you might need to consider an electronic lift as an alternative. With a lift, you sit in the seat, and it lifts you up and over the wall and lowers you into the pool.
  • A beach entry with handrails is a construction method to consider as part of the project because that is an easy way for people to get into and out of the water.
  • Ladders can be more accessible if you purchase one with a ladder, more closely spaced rungs and a wider step.

Give us a call if you’re looking for ways to make your pool accessible for everyone.

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