Personality may play a role in the swimming pool service contractor you’ve chosen — after all, you’d want to work with someone you can get along with, right? Well, perhaps, but more important is the skills the pool contractor brings to the table, a great poolside manner is a bonus!

If you have a swimming pool, chances are you will want to swim in it more often than you will want to clean it so it’s best to hire a
swimming pool service contractor in Scottsdale, Arizona
to undertake the heavy lifting of pool maintenance and upkeep on your behalf.

Here are five items you will want to look for when you’re in the process of hiring a swimming pool service contractor for the care and upkeep of your family’s pool:

  • How well versed are they in pool water chemistry? You should ask whether the staff has specialized training and you should also talk with other pool owners who use his service to see whether they have any issues with the water chemistry in their pools.
  • How long have they been in business and what maintenance skills do they possess? A competent swimming pool service contractor will have a staff of experienced pool maintenance professionals with the ability to not only clean the pool water but to inspect and help maintain the pool equipment. The swimming pool service contractors should be thorough in their duties.
  • Will your pool service contractor bring his own equipment or will you be expected to have equipment on site? In some cases, pool owners will have access to a vacuum, brushes and other pool maintenance equipment so they can keep the pool clean and clear during visits, but your pool contractor should have his own equipment and bring chemicals with him so you don’t have to store them on site.
  • Add-on services such as emergency or 24-hour on call maintenance and repair is something you may want to ask a potential pool contractor if he offers. Does he perform repairs or replacement of equipment himself or will he need to refer you to another service provider if it becomes necessary.
  • Word of mouth is an ideal way to vet a potential pool contractor. Ask your friends or neighbors who they use and how happy they are with the service. This may be one of the best ways to find a qualified service contractor.

While you will want to do thorough research before you turn the maintenance of your pool over to a professional, this is a good starting point as you begin your research.


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