The benefit of living in Scottsdale, Arizona is the almost constant sunshine and that means you can use your swimming pool almost year-round. The drawback of living in Scottsdale is that you will need to pay for upkeep and maintenance on your pool year-round! The swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, AZ put together this list of 7 ways to save on pool and spa costs.

Here is information to keep in mind before, during and after your swimming pool or spa installation or upgrade because they could help save on operating costs.

7 ways to save on pool and spa costs

Ask us how to incorporate some, or all, of these as a money-saving measure.

  • When getting the pool constructed, make sure the pool builder forms the swimming pool with four-inch ridged insulation. This construction style creates a thermal break, reduces heat loss and helps you save money. Even Arizona has its chilly weeks.
  • If you don’t use the hot tub during the week, turn down the temperature and turn off the jets. Better yet, put the jets on a programmable device so you can ensure the water keeps circulating to keep any algae at bay. Lower the heat by up to 10 degrees during the week, have the thermostat turn on several hours before you plan to jump in.
  • A properly placed hedge and safety fence or other landscaping or outdoor living spaces will help sheild the pool from prevailing winds. When you protect the pool from wind you cut down on water evaporation and the need to continue to fill the pool.
  • The most healthful swimming temperature is 78 degrees although that is very subjective and you will need to experiment to find the best temperature. Lowering the temps by a degree or two will help conserve energy.
  • When the pool is being opened for the season, we will check the pump and filter to ensure they are in good working order before adding chemicals.
  • If you’re in the mood to save money, let’s talk about energy-hungry pool equipment with new “green” energy efficient systems.
  • To achieve maximum filtration and energy efficiency, backwash or clean your filter regularly, as required; don’t over backwash as that is costly.
  • Keep your pool covered when not in use to minimize heat loss.

Ask us for more money saving options and tricks you can take to save on utility and operating costs.

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