Your swimming pool is an ideal way to relax and cool off after spending a day in the hot Arizona sun. Your swimming pool is also a lot of work and responsibility when it comes to keeping it cleaned and maintained. For many pool owners, they opt to work with a brush pool walls Scottsdale, Arizona swimming pool service contractor for myriad reasons, but two of them include:

  • They want to come home and simply be able to swim, not have to worry about pool chemistry or pool cleaning
  • They don’t want to make any mistakes that could be costly to correct

The swimming pool service providers from Swim Right Pools note these as the most common mistakes new pool owners make when caring for their own swimming pool:

  1. They don’t check the pool chemistry with enough frequency. The pool chemistry must be checked at least twice a week — more often if you use it more than usual and when a monsoon blows through. If you check it frequently it will be easier to keep the chemicals in balance
  2. Not keeping a close eye on the pH levels. If the pH gets too high your chlorine will not perform effectively.
  3. They don’t take the time to check the calcium hardness or the total dissolved solids ratio. The total dissolved solids should be checked at least every six months and the calcium hardness needs to be measured monthly. These levels will impact the water clarity and balance.
  4. They don’t take the time to backwash the DE and sand filters. This is a very time consuming undertaking but if not done properly and with enough frequency can lead to improper chemical balances and to the filter not working as effectively as it should.
  5. Not taking the time to clean the skimmer basket on a regular — ie almost daily basis. If the filter basket gets clogged with debris (which can happen quickly during Arizona’s monsoon season) it will get clogged and will not effectively filter the water.
  6. They don’t spend the time necessary to thoroughly brush the walls, floor and in and around the steps of the pool. If the pool isn’t brushed down thoroughly algae can take hold on the surfaces. Making sure the tiles are clean and the pool is vacuumed afterwards will keep the water clean and clear.
  7. Being skimpy on the run times with the pumps. Your swimming pool contractor advises that the pool pumps run, on average one hour for every 10 degrees of your pool water temps. Circulation is key to a well running pool and one in which the chemicals are being thoroughly circulated.

Because it can be time consuming and sometimes even more costly for a pool owner to maintain his own pool, they find it easier and more cost effective to work with a pool cleaning professional.

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