Swimming pool owners in Scottsdale, Arizona from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair know that spending time around a swimming pool in the triple-digit weather in Arizona can be uncomfortable. They give reasons to add a pool gazebo and that is a great way to get out of the sun but stay outdoors and enjoy the weather — no matter how warm it gets.

Adding a pergola or an elegant gazebo poolside adds a level of ambiance to your backyard. The gazebo will enhance the view in your yard and could even increase the resale value of your home.

If the idea of climbing plants in the pool area is appealing, a gazebo is perfect for the climbing plants. You may also be able to nurture climbing vines and greenery as a way to add additional shade to the area.

Gazebos are used as a place to entertain and relax but to be in the midst of it all when it comes to the swimming pool. Gazebos can be constructed in many shapes – round, hexagonal, octagonal or square. They can be constructed in such a way as to create the illusion of seclusion or be used as a privacy “hedge.”

Reasons To Add A Pool Gazebo

  1. The gazebo can have a wooden floor or one paved with decorative tilers. The roof is typically not much higher than seven feet. They truly are beautiful additions to any backyard decor.
  2. Adding a gazebo to your yard, whether you boast a large backyard area or a small one, can add magnificence and elegance. This structure also offers an additional entertaining area for guests. Your gazebo will be a destination as wonderful as your swimming pool.
  3. If you love plants and the outdoors, then you’ll love a pergola. A pergola is – at its most basic – a series of horizontal timbers or wooden beams, supported by brick or stone pillars. They can also be built of timber over a paved floor or grass. A pergola is more than a self-contained structure and are great for climbing plants. The sides of pergolas are usually open although the climbing greenery can give it the appearance of being an enclosed space.

Add ornamental flower baskets or succulents to add greenery or intrigue to the gazebo. This is the best time of year for this type of project.

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