Swimming pool owners who want to save money and perhaps do their small part to save the environment are always asking the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, AZ how to have a more eco-friendly Arizona pool. In recent years there have been updates and changes in the opportunities to have a more eco-friendly pool and they are within reach of the Arizona homeowner.

Many families are opting for pools with qualities that do as little harm to the environment and the ecosystem as possible. It’s not easy to be 100% eco-friendly simply because of the chemicals you use to clean the pool water — well you could skip chemicals but you’d need to have a natural pool set up and that isn’t ideal for many pool owners.

How to have a more eco-friendly Arizona pool

There are some pool chemicals that are more eco-friendly than others and some of those include a BioGuard UV System and Mineral Springs, highly eco-friendly. Ask your pool contractor what he or she uses to clean and sanitize the pool and let them know you’re interested in exploring more eco-friendly options

Swimming pool contractors have always pointed out that bacteria and deadly contaminants can damage not only your pool water, but the pool equipment, too. Keeping the water clean and using chemicals to achieve that keeps the water safe and healthy for swimming and it also helps keep algae growth from taking hold. If your pool water gets overrun with algae you will be forced to use copious amounts of chlorine to get it back in balance.

Reach out to us if you’re looking for a way to use fewer chemicals to keep the pool water clean!

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