If you have hired the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, AZ to take on your pool maintenance and service, do you need to buy your own pool equipment? It’s not a bad idea.

Even when you work with an experienced pool service pro you will still have a few pool tasks to take care of between visits — the main one that most pool owners do is to skim the pool water of any floating debris. If you are diligent in the use of the swimming pool cover you will need to skim less frequently. That’s why a pool cover is a good investment.

Your swimming pool service contractor will take care of all the heavy lifting on pool care, maintenance, upkeep and structural and equipment inspections as well as opening and closing of the pool. When you work with a pool contractor regularly you may just be first on the list if you need monsoon care clean up or a pool opening or closing time slot.

Do you need to buy your own pool equipment?

What pool equipment should you invest in? We can also bring the equipment to you during a service visit and you can purchase the ones you need/want.

  • A pool skimmer is a must. You will use a skimmer to scoop out any floating debris before it falls to the pool floor.
  • A swimming pool brush. You may want to brush the pool walls and floor between service visit and the loosened bacteria and spores will be circulated through the pool water and into the skimmer and filter.
  • A telescoping pole. This is used for safety and if someone is having trouble in the water you reach the pole out to pull them to safety. The telescoping pole is also used for the leaf rake, pool brush and pool skimmer brush.
  • A water testing kit AND ask us how to read the results. Test the water between visits to ensure the water is safe for swimming.
  • A vacuum or a robotic vacuum to keep the pool clean between visits. and you will use it to scoop debris from the bottom of the pool.
  • A water testing kit could be your best friend. Test the weater between service visits to assure the chemicals are in balance. If not, add new chemicals or call us for an additional service visit.
  • Vacuuming your pool between service visits will assure the pool water is always ready for swimming. Ask us about investing in an automatic or robotic pool cleaner.

The next time we pay a service visit ask us what types of pool equipment you should have on hand to perform light pool clean up between regularly scheduled visits.

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