If you ask the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona for reasons to own a swimming pool in Arizona, we can give you 6 even though you know you can find more than that without even trying!

Is 2022 the year you start talking with a pool construction contractor in Arizona for your own pool project? If that’s the case, then you will also want to reach out to us and let’s get a conversation started about ongoing pool maintenance and upkeep once your pool project has been completed.

6 reasons to own a pool in Arizona

Let’s jump right into some fun reasons to own a pool — the triple-digit temperatures in Arizona notwithstanding!

  1. Swimming pools are a great place for families to come together in a fun, relaxed place to bond and even sneak in some exercise! Spending time together in an activity is much better than sitting glued to a screen, right?
  2. Hosting parties is a wonderful way to meet neighbors and stay connected with family and friends. Throw an impromptu pool party with a cookout and you’re bound to have a great weekend.
  3. Staycation, anyone?: Having a swimming pool is like having a vacation spot right outside the backdoor. Depending on the amenities your pool you can take your backyard from a simple recreation place to a paradise oasis with the installation of a lazy river or a waterfall feature.
  4. Your own exercise spot and spa: You can lose weight in a low impact way by swimming laps. If you have your own swimming pool you also save on gym memberships and commutes. Research shows that swimming offers a better total body workout – with a low risk of injury – than many other types of exercise.
  5. Studies show having a swimming pool can increase your home’s value and in today’s competitive market, what a great way to make your home stand out from the crowd. A well-designed swimming pool could be the difference between selling your home or being unable to.
  6. Beat the heat: Rather than having to deal with traffic and crowds to make your way to the beach, having a pool in your own backyard offers you a great way to quickly beat the heat.

Let’s talk about more reasons to get a pool and ways in which we can help keep the pool water clean and swimmable!

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