The season for closing your swimming pool is likely just around the corner, even for Scottsdale, Arizona swimming pool owners. As any swimming pool owner will share, the upkeep and maintenance that goes along with owning a swimming pool are a seemingly endless array of tasks and that’s why many pool owners opt to work with a Scottsdale, Arizona swimming pool service contractor. This has been even swimming pool cleaning more true in light of the recent monsoon season, dust storms and flooding.

What are the typical daily tasks that must be addressed by swimming pool owners? Here are five offered by the swimming pool service providers from SwimRight Pools:

  • When your pool cover is off you will need to perform some tasks daily (that’s why pool professionals advise using a pool cover when you’re not swimming). The tasks you will need to perform include skimming the top of the pool for any debris that may have fallen in; this easily done through the use of a skimmer. This process will not take too much time out of your day and will ensure that you have a safe, clean pool. After all, there is nothing worse than swimming in a pool that is filled with leaves and bugs!
  • Invest in the correct type of pool brush — ask your pool contractor for advice as the building material of your pool will determine the type of brush you buy. A pool brush is used to brush down the pool walls and floor to loosen any debris and brush away any potential algae bloom.
  • Back washing of your pool will be necessary at certain points throughout the swim season. It is a way to get rid of the dirty water and  give you the opportunity to fill up with clean water.
  • Keep an eye on the water levels during the summer months. Pool water can evaporate quickly when the weather is hot and will need to be topped up; you don’t want to overfill it so ask your contractor what the correct water level is.
  • If you work with a pool contractor, chances are you won’t need to store pool cleaning chemicals on site, but if you want to maintain the pool between visits you will need to keep chlorine and other necessary items. You will also want to purchase a kit to test the water chemical levels.

Working with a pool service pro is the easiest — and for many people, in the long run — the most cost effective way to keep the pool clean and maintained on a regular basis.

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