How do you know whether it’s time to resurface your Arizona pool? The swimming pool service contractors in Scottsdale, AZ from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair can help you decide whether the time is right. There will come a time in every pool owners’ life when the pool resurfacing project will need to be planned.

Gunite pools need to be acid-washed occasionally and that might mean it won’t need a total resurfacing. A pool resurfacing project is typically beyond the skill level of the average DIY pool owner. Give us a call and let’s talk about what goes into this project and you can decide whether you want to attempt it.

We can recommend ways to extend the life of the pool plaster and how to make the surfaces last longer and allow you to put off — for a while — the resurfacing.

Is it time to resurface your Arizona pool?

Why should you resurface?

  1. Breathes new life into the beauty of your pool
  2. Protects the pool’s integrity by addressing any potential cracks or leak-prone areas
  3. To remove stains

Resurfacing the pool can be a stand-alone project combined with a complete remodel. Resurfacing the pool pays itself in the additional years of life it adds to it. If you’re wondering whether your pool needs this project, just ask us the next time we pay a service and maintenance visit.

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