After years of fun and enjoyment your family swimming pool is starting to show its age. This is the year that your family has chosen as the time to talk with your Scottsdale, Arizona swimming pool repair and renovation professional about a renovation project.  A swimming pool makeover can make a impressive difference in your outdoor living space.

When it comes to a pool renovation, the sky’s the limit when you’re thinking of what you want to do to upgrade your swimming pool. Keep in mind the best time of the year for the renovation project could be during the off season so you don’t miss the whole summer of swimming time and in Arizona, chances are that has already begun!

Keep this checklist in mind when thinking of your renovation project and talking with the swimming pool service and renovation pros from Swim Right Pools:

  1. Has your lifestyle changed since you originally installed your pool? For example, if your children are grown and out of the house, maybe you want to look at your pool more for business entertaining rather than family fun.
  2. Set a budget before you start the project
  3. Upkeep will vary depending on the type of pool material you chose for your project so keep that in mind when working on the design phase.
  4. Do you want to upgrade the lighting around the pool and patio area?
  5. Will you upgrade the landscaping? Remove plants, install them? What about fencing?

When you meet with your pool contractor here are some specifics to discuss with him or her:

  • Do the tiles need to be removed, replaced, upgraded? Do want to replace the pavers surrounding the pool? Do you want to retile the whole pool and deck area for a new theme or color scheme?
  • How about installing a fountain?
  • A shallow or deep end?
  • Want to add a spa to one end of the swimming pool?
  • Do you need to incorporate a handicapped accessible area?
  • You can convert the pool to a completely different shape. Keep in mind, this will be an expensive, labor intensive undertaking
  • Update and upgrade your equipment to more energy efficient models
  • Install a motorized pool cover
  • Upgrade to a solar pool heating system
  • Upgrade water and energy conservation elements including a cartridge filter system

Check with your pool contractor and your local code and zoning enforcement officers as your project could require you to file for building permits. Your pool contractor should know the scope of the project and the laws in your municipality and will likely help you file the paperwork. Before you know it it will be “everyone into the pool!!”


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