There’s no worry that if we install an automatic swimming pool cleaner for you that we will “lose our jobs.” The swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair understand that even if you’re diligent about using a pool cover, you may need to vacuum the pool between visits. The benefits of automatic pool cleaners cannot be denied because they are essentially a “set it and forget it.”

Automatic pool cleaners cut back on the active pool maintenance time you may need to be involved in between our scheduled service visits. Pool cleaning, especially if you live in Arizona, might seem like it’s never-ending and that is what comes from living in an area of the country that boasts such sunny, hot weather for so many months of the year. That doesn’t mean you need to give up your free time to clean the pool, though.

The reason you want to vacuum the pool regularly is to keep dirt and debris that fall into the pool from getting sucked into and clogging the filters. You no longer need to manually wield the standard, manual hand-held pool cleaning nets with mesh buckets when automation makes it easier.

The benefits of automatic pool cleaners

There are pool vacuums that are lower cost but they involve back-bending time spent cleaning – a handheld vacuum is one of those items. Many find that the vacuums don’t remove as much dirt and silt as you’d think, they tend to stir it up more than pick it up. Protect your free time and your back with an auto cleaner:

  1. Pressure-fed cleaners are a bit better but require the installation of a special pump to operate and the expensive in-floor cleaning systems take a great deal of installation work before they are operational. Pressure-fed cleaners are typically installed during pool construction.
  2. A suction cleaner requires less physical labor but are sometimes problematic since they don’t scrub the pool all that well and are rather random with their scanners so they miss many areas of the pool.
  3. The answer to your cleaning prayers is the robotic pool cleaner – think in-home Roomba for the pool! The benefits include ease of installation. They provide a complete pool cleaning including scrubbing and the application of cleaning chemicals. This type of cleaner offers you independence from cleaning.

Ask us about the benefits of an automatic pool cleaner and let’s discuss what type might be best for your family.

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