Pool maintenance is part and parcel of owning a swimming pool. Pools require ongoing and constant maintenance. We don’t want to talk you out of owning a pool, but if you’re going to DIY maintenance and upkeep you need to know what you’re in for. We have some quick pool cleaning tips for AZ pool owners.

You can do these between service visits from a pool maintenance professional at SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona to help keep the pool water cleaner, longer. When having a pool installed, you need to consider the long-term needs to keep it clean and swim-friendly.

Thankfully there are many automated tools you can invest in to keep the water clean of debris and leaves, but a pool requires more than scooping up leaves and cleaning the skimmer basket. It’s for that reason that swimming pool owners hire a “pool guy” to come in and do deep cleaning then all you need to do is come home and enjoy the pool, worry-free.

Quick pool cleaning tips for AZ pool owners

  1. Keep water clean- This is very important so that people who are swimming don’t contract any diseases. If the water isn’t pure, your swimmers can be bothered by burning eyes and noses. Using water filters and pumps, the dirty water is removed and fresh water is infused into the pool. Ensure the correct mix of chlorine and bromine are added to the water to keep it free of germs and bacteria.
  2. Chlorine is necessary to sanitize the water because it neutralizes urine and saliva and other bacteria and organic materials people bring into the water. But if chlorine content in the water leaves a smell and irritates the eyes, the level needs to be adjusted.
  3. A green pool is another issue that can plague a pool owner. Cleaning the sides and bottom of the pool regularly ensures that algae and moss don’t grow in it. Bromine is effective for spas and chlorine is used for swimming pools. Disinfection and sanitization are the two most important methods to keep the pool clean.
  4. Water pump usage- This is essential for circulating the water in the swimming pool. A variable-speed pump is one of the best investments you can make in pool equipment.
  5. Adding Chemicals- try to add chemicals after sunset when everyone has had their fill of swimming for the day. Keeping the water clean and drainage effective will ensure that your pool is clean always and ready for use.

If you want to DIY your pool maintenance, ask us for a pool cleaning 101 lessons or two and you can keep the water clean between service visits.

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