Swimming pool operators ins Scottsdale, AZ know that if they are operating a commercial swimming pool, they need to ensure the water is always clean, clear and bacteria-free and that’s why they turn to SwimRight Pool Service contractors to clean commercial pools in Scottsdale, Arizona. There are many reasons to hire us to clean your commercial pool and it’s as much for safety as for saving money and protecting the investment made in the pool.

When you manage a hotel, motel, apartment or condo or any other commercial property that boasts a swimming pool you are tasked with a unique responsibility in addition to running the property. Caring for a residential pool is difficult but imagine when you have a commercial pool with dozens or hundreds of people in and out of the water — it is not an easy chore.

Because there are so many people in and out of the water it is even more important to ensure the water is free of bacteria and that is a more difficult task when the pool receives so much use by so many people. No one wants to be sued because someone got sick because of dirty pool water.

Cleanliness is crucial to commercial pools because it could lead to a public health issue and that is something owners and operators of commercial pools want to avoid.

Reasons to hire us to clean your commercial pool

Here are a few of the tasks that we will undertake on your behalf when we clean and maintain your commercial pool.

  1. We will need to gauge how often and how many people use the pool and it might need to be cleaned daily to keep the chemicals balanced. By comparison, a residential pool owner can go several days without a cleaning even though they’d still want to test the water chemisty.
  2. Dirt and debris need to be skimmed frequently. The swimmers won’t want to swim through leaves and floating debris. Also, if the debris isn’t cleaned away, it will drop to the bottom, could discolor the pool and lead to clogged filters. Skimming off debris is something the pool operator will want to do between service visits.  
  3. During a service visit we will scrub the walls and floor and use a commercial style vacuum get rid of all the debris that was loosened.  
  4. Filter collection baskets need to be cleared and rinsed on a daily basis. Keeping them clean helps with the water circulation and water that circulates freely is water that will stay cleaner longer. 
  5. The water will be tested and the chemicals balanced. This typically involves adding chemicals and at times, adding more water to the pool if it’s been splashed out. When water is added, the chemical balance is upset and will need to be rechecked and re-balanced.

Most commercial swimming pool owners who are operating a complex or apartment building or hotel have enough on their hands and will outsource pool care. It is too important and too expensive of a task to be left to a part time employee or someone who has no experience in commercial pool care.

Contact one of the swimming pool service experts from SwimRight Pool Service & Spa repair for a quote on your commercial pool needs.

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