Your swimming pool service contractor will work diligently to keep your swimming pool water clean and the pool equipment in top working order. Part of pool maintenance, however, involves the cleaning of your swimming pool tiles. What this means is that your Scottsdale, Arizona swimming pool service contractor will have to set aside time on occasion to clean your swimming pool tiles. Hard water deposits are usually found on the upper rows of the tiles that surrounding your swimming pool calcium on pool tiles and because of this you will likely only need to have it drained for a few inches to remove the deposits. Your service professional has the skills and experience necessary to perform this task for you.

When your service tech comes to clean the swimming pool tiles here is some of the work that will go into the project:

  1. The pool water will be drained to a foot below the rows of tiles that are encrusted with the hard water or lime deposits.
  2. A layer of an acidic gel tile cleaner will be applied, one section at a time. The gel will be worked into the tiles and allowed to sit and work for at least 15 minutes to loosen the deposits.
  3. The deposits will be scoured and deposits that are not easily removed, will be scraped out with a razor blade. If you have hard water build up and deposits on the tiles on the deck surrounding the swimming pool, your pool tech will take care of that as well.
  4. The gel and its residue will need to be wiped away and your swimming pool pro will take care to not let any of the cleaner drip into the remaining pool water.
  5. Your tech will work his way around the pool inspecting all of the surfaces and will repeat the process until the tiles are clean. They will pick up a shine once the deposits are cleaned off – and will look as good as new.

Calcium and lime build seem to sneak up on a pool owner and it isn’t caught until it is a large task. Working with the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pools is a way to help assure that your pool tiles won’t be plagued with the calcium build up because he will make note of any changes in the pool and deck when he comes for service visits.  If your service pro checks on the tiles each time they visit to clean your pool, they can clean the tiles and keep ahead of any unsightly and potentially harmless build up.


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