It may not seem like someone living in Arizona would want to be in a hot tub, right? Triple digit temperatures would keep you out of it. The swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Swimright Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona know that once the cooler weather kicks in, hot tub use takes off. They have put together a checklist of 5 ways to save money when you run the hot tub.

Hot tubs are used for relaxation, to soothe sore and achy muscles and as a way to just kick back and enjoy the out of doors no matter the weather. Many of our customers are looking for ways to make their hot tub more environmentally friendly and to also save money when they operate it.

5 ways to save money when you run the hot tub

Try some, or all of these as a way to save money and enjoy your soaks!

  1. Make sure the hot tub walls are well-iunsulated. When you buy a hot tub or spa or if you’re renovating an existing one, ask how much insulation it has. A way to save money is to trap as much heat as possible inside the structure. Make certain any hot tub you purchase has an R-factor of at least 40 so ask the hot tub contractor how the hot tub manufacturer measures their shell insulation.
  2. Cover it up! When you purchase a hot tub purchase a hot tub cover at the same time. Diligent use of a cover keeps water clean and traps chemicals, cuts back on evaporation and traps the heated water. Don’t let the heat from the water simply dissipate into the air!
  3. Hot tub pumps don’t need to run at top speed. Run it on low when it’s just sitting idle. Invst in a variable speed pump to save money. Ask us how long the pump should run a day to keep the water circulating.
  4. You may need to drain the hot tub regularly, depending on how often it gets used. Instead of dumping the water out, use it to irrigate your lawn. If you plan to recycle hot tub water, don’t add chemicals to it for three days prior to draining it.
  5. If you know you’re not going to use the hot tub for a while – even a few days – turn the temperature down a few degrees to save money.

Ask us for other money-saving hot tub and swimming pool measures you can take.

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