Triple-digit temperatures and arid conditions — that people who live in Arizona are faced with. On those rare occasions and during monsoon season, the skies open up and Arizona gets soaking, flooding rains. That rain can wreak havoc with roadways and washes and with your swimming pool. The pool contractors from SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, AZ have tips on how to protect your pool during AZ storms.

Rain may be a welcome sight because it is so rare, but a monsoon rain usually brings high winds and dust and all of that can ensure the water chemistry gets out of balance. After storms, we find our calendars are full and that’s because water is out of balance, pools have overflowed and equipment has been damaged by water.

Rain, high winds, lightning and dust drop debris and pollutants into the pool water making it un-swimmable. If you have enough notice, you can prepare your pool to survive the storm.

How to protect your pool during AZ storms

Pre-storm prep 

  • High winds could blow patio furniture and other poolside items into the pool and that could lead to damage not to mention it will introduce dirt into the water. Resist the urge to toss the pool furniture and toys into the water because you think it will keep it from blowing away — chances are it won’t and chances are it will harm your pool.
  • Turn off the electricity to the pool. Even with power off, pool equipment can sustain damage from high winds and rain. Ask us whether you should remove the pump motor.
  • Rainwater carries organic contaminants and that means the water chemistry will be impacted by rainfall. An algaecide might be in order to help minimize contamination.
  • Secure the pool cover. A mesh cover is ideal for keeping standing water from accumulating but it doesn’t do anything to keep dirt and debris out.

Post-storm cleanup

  • Remove large items and debris.
  • If the pump and skimmer are dirty and full of water, clean them before running the pool or turn the power back on
  • ¬†Uncover the pump motor and check for water damage. If it’s dry, turn the power on and start running the pump. If it is wet, do not turn the power back on. Give us a call before using it again.
  • Once the power’s been restored and the equipment is operational, the pool can be vacuumed.
  • Super chlorination may be in order after a storm and we can do that during the post-storm cleanup.
  • Run the pump and filter for at least ten hours following a storm and your clean-up.
  • Give us a call and get on our schedule for post-storm cleanup. Many pool owners find that it’s a heavy lift to take on a post-storm cleanup job.

Be advised that we do work with our current customers before we take on new customers following a storm. Give us a call and let us give you an estimate for pool maintenance — you may find it’s less than you thought and the free time you gain is priceless.

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