Spending a lot of time in the swimming pool under the Arizona sunshine has the potential to give you green hair! There are ways to make certain that no matter how much time you spend in the swimming pool that your hair doesn’t pay the price.  Most pools – unless they are natural pools – contain chlorine and other chemicals that can make your hair dull and brittle and in some instances give your hair a greenish tinge. Swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pools work with pool owners to makegreen pool hair certain this doesn’t happen. Working with an experienced Scottsdale, Arizona swimming pool service provider can help assure your hair stays shiny, bouncy and healthy all swim-season long. They offer tips:

  1. Wear a swim cap. Some swimmers don’t like that idea though because they don’t like the way they look with their hair pulled up under a rubber helmet. Vanity though, can prevent your hair from becoming damaged by the sun and chemicals. It will get a little wet even with a cap on. While a swimming cap isn’t the most fashionable of attire, serious swimmers know that prolonged exposure to the sun and pool chemicals can lead to dry, brittle, unhealthy hair.
  2. As soon as you’re done swimming shampoo and condition your hair.  If you don’t have access to an area where you can shampoo and condition, at least rinse it thoroughly to rid your hair of the harmful chemicals. If you’re swimming at a friend’s home and don’t want to go running into the house to hop in the shower as soon as you get out of the water, rinse your hair with some water from a nearby hose just to do a quick clean-up.
  3. There are hair care products made specifically for swimmers and they address the damage that pool water can wreak on your hair. These products are full of vitamins such as C and E and have other nutrients that remove the chemicals from your hair and restore your hair’s protein. If you want to make your own hair rinse to use after a day in the swimming pool, rinse with vinegar or lemon juice. You can leave them in for up to 15 minutes to help remove the chlorine and other impurities from the pool water.

Taking proper care of your hair and offering it deep conditioning treatments as often as recommended on the instructions on the various products can also go a long way in keeping your hair healthy and shiny while you enjoy long, lazy days by the pool.

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