Do your dogs want to be with you no matter where you are? If you’re like other — every — dog parent the answer is yes. The swimming pool contractors from Swim Right Pool & Spa Service in Scottsdale, Arizona put 5 pet safety tips for pool owners together to help you enhance their safety.

Swimming pools and pets are fun and great exercise, but the pool needs to be used wisely and safely with your furry friends.

Here are tips offered for keeping your dog (and cat) safe around the swimming pool

5 pet safety tips for pool owners.

  1. Pool supply companies offer several types of alarms to keep the humans and dogs safe around the pool. Look for an alarm that will sound if the surface of the water is disturbed. You may have a dog who sneaks through the fence and jumps in. Also, if that’s the case, rethink your fence type.
  2. Fencing is one of the first steps that should be taken once your pool is installed. In fact, swimming pool fences are likely required by your local code enforcement. Make sure your dog can’t wriggle through and that humans can’t scale it.
  3. Install a swimming pool ramp that is designed for dogs to get into and out of the pool. Teach them how to use it and where it is in case they fall in and no one is around to rescue them.
  4. Purchase a collar alarm for your pet that attaches to his collar and sounds an alarm if the device gets wet. Invest in a doggie lifevest and make sure he wears it every time he is around the pool.
  5. If you have an above ground pool, always remove the ladder or lift it and lock it so your dog can’t get in.

If your dog is fearful around water and rarely goes near the pools’ edge, there could be a time it is scared enough to run toward, and fall into, it. If your dog loves the water and swims with you often, you will have to clean your filter more often.

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