The heat is relentless and if you’re the manager or owner of a commercial swimming pool in Scottsdale, Arizona you may be wondering, is it time to hire a commercial pool contractor? The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair have tips on what a commercial contractor can do, and why it matters and offer insights on how to hire a professional you can trust.

Managing and maintaining a commercial swimming pool like one at a condo, apartment complex, hotel or school is a bonus for those who use it, but it can be a headache and a source of worry for the person managing it to keep it clean and safe for all who use it.

Who’s going to clean your commercial pool may be a question you’re asking when you jump into the new role.

Keeping up with commercial swimming pool maintenance can be a daunting task. Even if you’re great at caring for your home pool, a commercial pool is a different animal indeed. Caring for your own pool is infinitely easier because you’re not contending with hundreds of people using it.

Is it time to hire a commercial pool contractor

Caring for a commercial swimming pool requires extreme skill and that can be brought to your community pool by hiring one of the reliable, experienced commercial swimming pool and spa service contractors from SwimRight Pools.

A commercial pool contractor will perform the following tasks:

  • Clean the water, balance the chemicals, vacuum
  • Leak detection
  • Equipment repair and replacement
  • Inspection of accessories such as diving boards and slides
  • Inspection of the deck for any trip or fall hazards

Ask this when requesting an estimate from a commercial contractor:

  1. What is included in the contract price and does it include the cost of chemicals
  2. How many times a week he will visit
  3. Are there emergency after hour calls. What is the fee or is it included? How long will it take for a contractor to get there
  4. It’s as important to know what’s included as to what’s excluded in the contract. Don’t get blindsided by add ons you didn’t anticipate.
  5. In-depth cleaning of the filters
  6. Backwashing the pool when needed — is it included, how often will it be done, how long will the pool be out of commission.
  7. Add chemicals to bring water to safe levels
  8. Perform thorough cleaning and vacuuming of the pool and cleaning the filters
  9. Can show you how to test the water chemistry between service visits in case there is a drastic change and you can call for an additional service visit (if you do this, is there an extra cost?)

Some commercial contractors provide free inspections and some even offer a free cleaning so you can gauge the quality of their work. Give us a call if you’re looking to negotiate your contract with your current commercial pool contractor or if you’re taking on a new role and it includes a pool on-premises.

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