Pre-pool opening and during the season swim maintenance should involve a thorough cleaning of the pool walls and floors during pool maintenance visits. This thorough cleaning also involves cleaning the swimming pool steps. Whether you have metal steps or built-in pool steps, they need to be cleaned, the top, bottom, sides and behind the steps and ladder. We have tips for why in pool steps need to be cleaned, how and why.

Ignoring these areas of your pool could lead to algae bloom and a green pool — no one wants that. When we pay a service visit to your Scottsdale, Arizona pool, the contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair will pay special attention to the steps. They know, from experience, that algae are sneaking and if they can hang on through a few pool cleanings, they can take over your water and make it unswimmable.

Because the steps in your pool are constantly surrounded by water, they can become slimy and could become resistant to the pool chemicals. Also, slippery steps could lead to an accident.

Why in pool steps need to be cleaned

Here are some of the, um… steps… we take to clean the pool steps:

  1. If this is a first-time clean, we may recommend lowering the water levels so the steps can be thoroughly and completely scrubbed to loosen any bacteria or algae. Any larger pieces will be vacuumed up and after the first cleaning, a brushing without having to lower the water should be sufficient.
  2. A pool cleaning solution will be applied to the brush and the steps and it will be cleaned and vacuumed.
  3. Between service visits, you may want to invest in a robotic cleaner because it can be dropped onto the steps and will move around and brush off any debris or bacteria and then vacuum it up as it moves forward. Sometimes, though there is no substitute for gold old-fashioned elbow grease.

Give us a call if you’d like an estimate for a pool cleaning — either for the season or for an occasional deep clean before or after parties, or prior to closing the pool or opening it for the season.

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