Chances are you’re not thinking about firing up the poolside fire pit right now, but in a few months, you know that the desert cools off quickly that fire will be a welcome addition. The swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool and Spa Care in Scottsdale, Arizona offer poolside fire pit safety tips.

Whether you’re renovating the pool and adding a fire feature or as a stand-alone project you need to ensure that the fire pit is used safely by both adults, pets and children. And you will definitely welcome the warmth and perhaps even a chance to cook a few snacks over the fire.

Poolside fire pit safety

If you decide a fire pit is a feature you’d like give us a call and let’s talk about placement and timing for the project.

  • Choose the fuel. Will it be wood, propane, gel or natural gas. It’s a personal choice so do your homework and get the one that makes sense for you.
  • Budget for a slab to be poured upon which the firepit will sit. It cannot be built — safely — in the corner of your yard or under a cactus. Nor should it be next to your home or other structures. No matter where you place it, use a mesh cover to prevent embers from leaving the structure.
  • Make sure that the placement of the firepit takes into consideration current traffic flow to and from the house, pool and outdoor living area. You don’t want it isolated but you don’t want to disrupt the natural flow.
  • Fully extinguish the fire, never leave it unattended and definitely don’t let it “burn itself out.” Stray embers lead to uncontrollable fires.
  • Never leave children unattended around a fire pit and don’t let them poke around in the pit with sticks or cook any food unattended.

Work with us to find a safe and aesthetically pleasing space for the firepit.

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