There is so much to know when you’re having a swimming pool constructed. The swimming pool and service professionals from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair also know that Arizona pool owners need to know all about pool cleaning and who to hire for that task. We offer pool cleaning basics for DIY pool owners, but remain available for those pool owners who want to use their free time to swim — not clean!

Keeping the pool water clean and bacteria-free and ensuring the pool equipment is operating as it should, is a lot of work! This information is great even if you have a pool maintenance professional because you will want to take on some light pool maintenance between service visits. It’s always great to be an informed pool owner, too.

Pool cleaning basics for DIY pool owners

What goes into pool cleaning and maintenance?

  1. Raking and skimming off any floating debris before it falls to the bottom of the pool.
  2. Brushing the pool walls and floors should be part of the daily cleaning even if you have to spread the brushing over a couple of days, the pool should be brushed thoroughly and completely at least two times a week.
  3. A vacuuming of the pool after the brushing has been accomplished is part of pool cleaning basics. You can use a manual or an automatic vacuum — ask us to explain the differences.
  4. Testing the water chemistry regularly.

Ask us what pool supplies and equipment you should keep on hand and for a quick lesson on reading and understanding the water chemistry readings so you’re prepared to add the chemicals necessary to bring the chemistry back in balance.

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