Let’s be honest… running and owning and maintaining a swimming pool is not cheap! In Arizona, though when it’s triple digit temperatures, you certainly are thankful you have a pool to cool off in, right? We have tips to save water, save money and that will help your wallet and the environment.

Is it possible to conserve water? Yes. Yes, it is. Imagine if you don’t have to continually run the hose and refill the pool and you can also imagine the money you can save. swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pools explain it takes thousands of gallons of water when you initially fill the pool. You can fill your pool with the hose from the house or you can pay to have water trucked in. Each method has pros and cons and you need to look at the price and the time table for filling when yo make your decision.

Save water, save money

Keep water in your swimming pool. Keep money in your wallet with these tips:

  1. Is your pool leaking? If you’re not sure, perform the bucket test. The leak could be so slow and so insiduous and the water may be evaporating in the heat rather than leaving a puddle but could be costing you a lot of money! The bucket test: Fill a bucket with water, mark the water level in the bucket, place it on a step in your pool, mark the level on the inside of the bucket and the outside of the bucket. The water should evaporate at the same rate. If it doesn’t check for damp spots around the pool and give us a call.
  2. Use a swimming pool cover! Without a cover you can lose up to an inch of water a week; close to 7,000 gallons a year!
  3. How often is the pool backwashed and does it need to be done that frequently? A backwash service uses a lot of water.
  4. Keep the water at the recommended levels to keep the skimmer working properly and to prevent a lot of splash out.
  5. Dropping the water temperature by even one degree can slow evaporation and conserve water.
  6. Landscape design helps with water conservation. Strategic planting of trees and greenery or adding a privacy barrier or fence can slow the rate of evaporation of the water caused by the wind.

Swimming pool owners are always looking for ways to save money on the pool operation and maintenance and upkeep and helping prevent water evaporation is a step in the right direction and is easy to do!