Obesity is a national problem and if you’re carrying a few too many pounds, but worry about how to go from couch potato to someone who exercises for fear of injury. There is nothing better than getting a workout in your very own pool and we bet your doctor will give it a thumbs up! Get fit and healthy in your pool without fear of injury.

The swimming pool contractors from Swimright Pool Service & Repair work with their customers to keep the water clean and free of bacteria and ensure the pool equipment is in working order so they can jump in and keep up with their workout routine! When you consider even taking walking the blazing sun of Scottsdale, AZ you will likely talk yourself out of getting in shape, but when you have a pool there is no excuse!

There are so many advantages to exercising in the pool and we want to give you a few more to consider.

Get fit and healthy in your pool

Here are reasons to jump into your pool.

  1. When you’re in the water the resistance that the water provides makes even the easiest and slowest workout be beneficial The resistance makes the workout more beneficial than on the land. Exercising in the pool more quickly builds muscle strength and endurance.
  2. The buoyancy of the water means you’re not going to suffer any kind of joint or muscle injury like you would if you were jogging, for example, When you’re waist deep in the pool you “weigh” 50 percent less than you do on land, if you go chest deep in the water you can reduce how much you weigh by an additional 25 percent.
  3. It’s just plain fun! When you’re in the pool, you truly will enjoy yourself while getting in shape and keeping cool!

Even though you’re in the pool, make sure you moisturize when you get out. The chemicals in the pool water are drying. Take a shower and slather on your favorite moisturizer — don’t moisturize before you get in because that will negatively impact the water chemistry.

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