What do you get for the person who has a swimming pool, but who also seems to have “everything”? We have some gift ideas for swimming pool owners that will put you on the nice list with friends and familly. You may even want to pass along these ideas for those who are buying you a gift!

The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service and Repair know that you spend as much time around the water as you do in the water and some of these gifts will allow you to enjoy being in the water without having to be in the water. It’s a win-win!

Gift ideas for swimming pool owners

We have some great ideas that will give you the opportunity to kick back and relax in your pool without having to swim around or even get too wet — if you don’t want to!

Rafts — they have been popular for decades for a reason — they are an ideal way to bein the pool and relax and float around. The rafts of today are strong enough to hold more than one person and they also have compartments to hold items you want with you. These compartments are typically waterproof and allow you to have all of the amenities of the indoors while you’re floating in comfort and relaxing on the water.

The compartments are large enough to store your smart phone, a book, suntan lotion or even a beverage or two. If you want a beverage, look for a raft with compartments and drink holders.

Think comfort when buying a raft. Move past the rafts that have the pillow type headrest and look for one that has an adjustable headrest and backrest.

Water hammocks are also something that pool owners enjoy. This hammock is essentially the same as any other hammock except that it’s installed in a corner of your pool and you can climb in and be floating in the water while being cradled in the hammock.

Prices for hammocks and rafts go from the low end, simple blow up raft with the built in pillow for about $25 up to more than a couple hundred dollars — depending on the amenities you’re looking for.

Another gift idea to think about for the pool owner in your life is a gift certificate for a pool cleaning, or a season of pool cleaning so when your friend wants to take a swim, the pool will be ready and waiting when they want to use it.