Many people in Arizona are now feeling cold since the temperatures have left the triple digits and are now hovering around 50 or 60. In many parts of the country that would feel like a heat wave, but because of the cooler temperatures, now is the time for hot tub fun! Not many people use their hot tub in the heat of summer, but this time of year, Arizona hot tub owners flock to the backyard and to the heated depths of the hot tub!

The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Arizona work with hot tub owners who want to keep the hot tub clean, free of bacteria and readily available when the need to get the chill out of their bones hits! You’ll likely be spending more time in the hot tub now than you have all summer, and we can help keep the water clean because the heat is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Now is the time for hot tub fun!

A poorly maintained hot tub is an ideal space for microorganisms to grow and potentially cause illness in those who have compromised immune system. Soaking in a hot tub that has water that hasn’t been properly sanitized means you run the risk of infection — this is especially true if you have any cuts, scrapes or sores.

Because a hot tub contains fewer gallons of water than a swimming pool that makes the concentration of “bodies” per square inch of water higher; factor that in and you can see how exponentially the potential for bacteria is.

To do a low-tech test to tell if the water in the hot tub is clean and sanitized you can do a “sniff test” this is simply smelling the water to see if it’s clean — dirty water will have a sour smell! You certainly cannot rely on smelling the water to tell if it’s truly clean and usable, but that is an indicator. Your hot tub contractor recommends using water test strips to assure the water is clean and that the chemicals are properly balanced.

An invitation to a friend’s house or a dip in a hot tub at a hotel or resort leaves you with questions on whether the water is clean enough, right? If you do take a soak, and if there is bacteria in the water you may find you develop a red, bumpy, itchy rash. If the rash doesn’t go away, contact your doctor and let him know the rash developed after the dip in the hot tub.

Contact us if you have a hot tub and if you plan to use it throughout the winter season in Arizona — we can clean and maintain it just as we did your swimming pool throughout the summer.