Valentine’s Day around the pool is romantic and means you won’t have to fight the crowds for a seat at a restaurant. Or if you can even get a seat at a restaurant because of all the covid-19 restrictions that are still in place across the country. If you want to enjoy Valentine’s Day around the pool it is easy and the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair are on hand to help you ensure the pool is ready for swimming when you’re ready to have your romantic day or evening — or both!

Enjoy Valentine’s Day around the pool

Here are some ways to have a fun, and romantic time around the pool

  1. Get everyone involved! Will it be you and your significant other? Will your children be home and be part of the Valentine’s Day celebration? Whomever will be home should have a part in the day. Ask what they want to do and what they think will make the day romantic and fun.
  2. Choose a menu. Do you want to cook at home? Maybe you love all being in the kitchen together and experimenting with recipes and different foods. Ask everyone what they want to eat and if they all want to be involved in the preparation.
  3. Decorate the poolside space. Add red candles, heart balloons, conversation heart candies and other items to enhance and highlight the Valentine’s day feeling.
  4. Give little gifts or have a Valentine’s day scavenger hunt. Hide Valentine’s day items around the yard and give a scavengener hunt map and go enjoy! The prize at the end could be a delicious heart-shaped dessert for everyone to share!
  5. Indulge in new plush towels or bathrobes for when you get out of the pool or hot tub.
  6. At the end of the day, write down some of the best memories of the day you’ve had together. Decorate a mason jar with heart designs, date it and put the slips of paper inside. When you are having family fun times later in the year, pull out a slip of paper and reminisce about the amazing Valentines’ Day you had together and start planning your next one!

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