It’s vacation time… or is it?! With the way 2020 worked out and with vacations being canceled, you may want to think about how to plan a backyard staycation this year. If you have a swimming pool you are already well on your way! Homeowners in Scottsdale, Arizona understand how important it is to have a pool when the temperatures climb and stay in the triple digits.

The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona will keep your pool clean, the water clear and always swimmable all season long. A clean pool plays a major role in your staycation plans!

How to plan a backyard staycation

A staycation is a way to stay at home and experience a vacation feeling! You don’t have to deal with airport lines and delays nor do you have to fight for a room at the hotel pool! You can stay home, in your own backyard and enjoy time with family and friends in a staycation kind of way!

Staycations include relaxation and fun and here are a few ways to make your staycation stand out.

  1. Choose a theme. Do you want a tropical vacation? D you want to feel like you’re on a jungle exploration or in a secluded rainforest? No matter what theme you choose, you can decorate or play music and light up the space to feel as though you’re being transported to that destination.
  2. Connect with the natural landscape in your yard and bring nature into your staycation setting. Enhance your outdoor living space with new or upgraded furniture or trees and flowers. You may even want to buy a small fountain that you can plug in by your outdoor space just to enhance the feeling of being in a different space. If it’s in your budget — and it might be because you’re not traveling — update the pool with fountain features or a bubbler or even a waterfall! Add scented candles or even tiki torches!
  3. Just say no to tech. If you’re on vacation you’re not wired into your phone all the time are you? Make the staycation spot a tech-free zone. Relax. Enjoy. Unwind.
  4. Make sure that relaxation is a priority one! Do what you can to make sure the backyard staycation space is as relaxing as you can make it. Don’t worry about laundry or vacuuming or cooking (order in or serve finger foods!) Sleep in late — in fact, sleep outdoors in the outdoor living area!
  5. When you’re on vacation, eating out at restaurants and sampling local cuisine is part of the adventure and experience. Plan for restaurant-delivered meals to go along with the theme of your staycation.
  6. Make it fun! Think about the things you love to do on vacation and work them into your staycation. You may even want to venture outside of your backyard and visit local sights of interest that you may not pay attention to because they’re in your own backyard — act like a tourist in your own hometown.
  7. Treat yourself and your family to new beach towels or bathing suits or other items you might buy for a vacation in a different location. Enjoy yourself and make the most of the wonderful time at home!

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