Are you ready to “go green” with your swimming pool? Being eco-friendly isn’t a fad and many pool owners understand that swimming pools are a drain on the environment and are not typically environmentally-friendly. If you’re embracing environmentally friendly tactics you may wonder, are you ready for an eco-friendly pool?

If you are, talk with your swimming pool contractor from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, AZ for tips on how to go green with your pool. Chlorine has been the traditional way to sanitize the swimming pool water for decades and will remain for decades to come. Chlorine can also damage the pool structure, the environment and your skin and hair — especially if you don’t work with a swimming pool contractor who can ensure the chemistry is properly balanced.

Are you ready for an eco-friendly pool?

Here are a few ways in which to go green with your pool.

  1. Ask us what an eco-friendly swimming pool means and requires from you and from your pool contractor.
  2. An eco- or environmentally friendly pool operates on a reduced amount of electricity compared to other swimming pools. With this type of swimming pool, you can help lower your utility bills, save money and not harm the environment.
  3. If you want to heat the water — not necessary in Arizona! — harness the power of the almost year-round sun to heat the pool water on those semi-cool nights.
  4. When you’re planning the project, talk with us about installing high-efficiency filters, heaters (unless you go solar) or pumps. These pieces of equipment may have a higher upfront cost but because they use less energy to operate they cost less money on a monthly basis.
  5. Saltwater is an ideal way to go green — it does take some upfront money to install a saltwater chlorinator and even when you use salt water chlorination there is a small amount of chlorine used.

If you want to extend your green lifestyle into your backyard swimming pool talk to your swimming pool builder and work with him or her on ways to make it happen.