Swim season is winding down for many areas of the country, but maybe not so much in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you’re considering a pool project, though and if you want to resurface your pool before 2021, now is the best time to talk with the swimming pool service pros at SwimRight Pool Service & Repair about getting on a schedule for that project.

The way to tell if your pool needs to be resurfaced is that the concrete looks dull and tired. If you own a concrete aka gunite pool there will be a time when it will require a resurfacing or at the very least an acid wash.

Not too many pool owners are skilled enough at the DIY to take on a pool resurfacing and will turn to their pool contractor to take on this project on your behalf. We can also let you know when you should look into a resurfacing project.

Resurface your pool before 2021

Are there reasons other than aesthetics to have the pool resurfaced? Your pool contractor will tell you yes! A resurfacing of the pool will protect the integrity of the pool. It will protect it and keep your investment protected for years to come. Safety concerns are also a reason for a pool resurfacing. Jagged cracked plaster can lead to an injury or a trip and fall hazard. As for the aesthetics — a pool resurfacing will bring your pool plaster back to life and it will be bright again. You could also decide to enhance the pool plaster by adding in quartz or a unique color theme.

Talk with us about a resurfacing project as it can be done as part of a larger pool remodel or you may decide to only have the pool resurfced. Resurfacing the pool can be done as a stand alone project or as part of an overall pool remodel. Resurfacing the pool will pay for itself in the additional years of life it adds to it.

Ask us the next time we pay a service visit whether your pool needs to be resurfaced.