Bacteria, algae, grime, bird feces, mildew… eeewww. Do you want to be tracking that into your swimming pool water or in your house? Is your pool deck clean? If you aren’t sure or can’t even remember the last time you washed it, the tiem might be ripe for a thorough cleaning.

When the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service pay a service and maintenance visit for your pool, you may want to ask them:

  1. How often should the deck be cleaned
  2. What should you clean the deck with
  3. How can you make sure no cleaning chemicals get into the pool water

Is your pool deck clean?

Keep in mind that your swimming pool deck should be cleaned AND disinfected regulalry. In Arizona when the monsoon winds come in they bring sand, dirt, debris and bacteria that can cause illness and algae to grow in the swimming pool. Cleaning and regularly disinfecting the pool deck will not only help quell the spread of any diseases, but it will keep the deck from becoming too slippery. Mildew and bacteria will make the deck slippery and unsafe.

The type of pool deck material you have will determine how to clean the deck. If it’s concrete, cement coating, ceramic tile brick or other stone tile — each will have its own unique way of cleaning and disinfecting it. Ask us for advice and cleaning product information to thoroughly clean and disinfect the deck without ruining it.

A wooden deck will require a different cleaning method than will a stone or deck cleaning.

Many swimming pool owners will use a pressure or power washer to clean the deck. This is ideal IF you know how to use one. Using one without having skill or knowledge could lead to your damaging the deck if the pressure is too high. There is no reason the pool deck cannot be cleaned with a brush or long handled broom if you don’t have a power washer or aren’t sure of your skill level in using a power washer.

When you clean and disinfect the deck regularly, it will be easier to clean each time you do it. Make note of when you cleaned it last so you can get into a routine of cleaning it.

Killing pathogens and bacteria will keep your water cleaner and will keep your feet cleaner, too! If you don’t want to clean the deck, ask us we can do it during a service visit.