There are some pool owners in Scottsdale, Arizona who have been talking with their swimming pool contractors at SwimRight Pool & Spas about not wanting to be swimming in so many chemicals. This has arisen during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 when families weren’t leaving their homes and were in the pools more than ever before. They didn’t want to be worried about whether they were being impacted by the chemicals that were necessary to keep the pool clean. Could your pool be more eco friendly? Probably!

Eco-friendly spas and pools combine the advantages of rejuvenating spa treatments with the goodness of nature and this can be incorporated into your pool and spa or hot tub. An eco friendy spa therapy is believed to have medicinal and relaxation benefits. Soaking in a hot tub or swimming long, slow laps in the pool can enhance healing and restore your vitality in both body and mind.

When you think of a spa and its benefits you may think you need to get away to an exclusive resort but you can have that “resort” right in your own yard!

Ask us about making your pool and hot tub more eco friendly and amp up the relaxation benefits you derive every time you’re in it. We’ll bet if you ask your doctor, you will find he recommends a soak or a swim as a way to have better health. Spending time in a hot tub and hydrotherapy treatments help people suffering from arthritis, diabetes, leg and back pain. Being in a hot tub or swimming pool alleviates stress, too.

Surround the pool and spa area with fresh potted plants, aromatic scents and candles to enhance the touches of nature. Consider adding a drop or two of essential oil to the water and/or burning candles and incense.

Could your pool be more eco friendly?

If you’re in the process of having a swimming pool and hot tub constructed, make certain you do your homework and find the best pool contractor for your budget. During the construction process you can give our contractors a call and we can come and talk about pool service and maintenance once the pool and hot tub have been constructed.

As a side note, the hot tub construction will include you having to decide where to have the jets placed, what types of jets to have in the hot tub as well as the seating for the structure. When you’re making these decisions and your other pool construction decisions, don’t forget to tell your pool contractor you’re looking for an eco friendly pool and need equipment to make that happen. This may mean you want a salt water chlorinator system to clean the pool and spa. If you really want to get in touch with nature, you may want a natural swimming pool. To have a natural pool you will need a large enough yard to accommodate the additional pool space for the plants and other natural items to clean the pool water.

Your swimming pool and hot tub can perform double duty — relaxation and fun — all while being eco friendly. You can have it all!