Ask anyone who has a spa or hot tub or who has spent time in one and you won’t need to be sold on the benefits. The swimming pool and spa contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona have put together 5 reasons to get a hot tub or spa… in case you needed some more reasons!

A hot tub or spa is not only relaxing to sit in, but it is a beautiful addition to your yard and to your existing swimming pool and outdoor living space.

5 reasons to get a hot tub or spa

If you’re thinking about adding a hot tub or spa to your existing swimming pool or having a stand alone structure built, we want to give you five more things to think about if you’re still on the fence:

  1. They don’t take up a lot of space and they add a LOT of functionality and FUN. Because a hot tub or spa is a compact space, it makes for a more memorable and intimate gathering when you’re in the spa. If you don’t have a lot of space to devote to a water structure, a hot tub will fit the bill.
  2. Everyone needs to relax. Okay, we know that is a pretty broad statement, but aren’t there times when you just want to get away from it all? Spending time in the heated, jetted waters of a hot tub or spa is an ideal relaxation space.
  3. Hot tubs and spas are beautiful. Period.
  4. You can use a hot tub year round. Depending on where you live and whether it is economically viable to run a pool water heater, the hot tub allows you to spend time in the water no matter the weather.
  5. It’s a romantic getaway. If you and your spouse or significant other just want to spend time alone together without the distraction of television, go get into your hot tub or spa. Relax, reconnect.

Do any of these reasons spark a desire in you to get a hot tub or spa? If so, give us a call!