The care and maintenance of your swimming pool have a lot to do with the construction material of the pool itself. Some materials are more prone to algae (concrete), rips and tears and leaks (vinyl) and fading (fiberglass), What you need to know about fiberglass pools, SwimRight Pool Service contractors share tips on should you get a fiberglass swimming pool or choose another type.

Whether you’re going to be a new pool owner and are making all of the decisions surrounding your new pool or if you’re buying a house with a pool the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service and Repair in Arizona explain the ins and outs of service and maintenance of a fiberglass pool.

Should you get a fiberglass swimming pool?

Here are some of the benefits of a fiberglass pool.

  1. They have more flexibility in design than you may imagine.
  2. It will be modeled and delivered to your home in one piece — like an overly large bathtub. You need to know where you will place the fiberglass pool and what will need to be done/removed in your landscaping and during excavation to accommodate it.
  3. Choose unique coping and decking to give your pool its unique look and feel.
  4. Add accessories such as lighting, fountains or even a hot tub in one end of the structure.
  5. Fiberglass is popular because they are easiest to clean and maintain. Its smooth finish means it is not prone to algae growth because the algae would struggle to find a foothold (unlike in concrete where it’s easier because of its uneven surfaces). You could potentially save money on pool upkeep and maintenance with a fiberglass pool.

Choosing the swimming pool construction material is one of the biggest decisions you will make during the pool construction process. Do your homework. Weigh the pros and cons before you make your dreams of pool ownership come true. Ask us for insight and information on maintenance and upkeep for your fiberglass pool.