Are you buying a new home? If so, are you hiring, or have you hired, a home inspector? If the home has a swimming pool you will want to hire a pool inspector as well. The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, AZ say you should schedule a pool inspection before you buy that house because if you’re buying it — the house– because you love the swimming pool you need to assure yourself that it is in working order.

You may need to hire separate inspectors for the home and for the pool as each of those inspections require a unique skill and experience. If you’re getting a mortgage the lender may also require a swimming pool inspection as part of the requirements for closing on the home.

Schedule a pool inspection before you buy that house

What will the swimming pool inspector check when he or she inspects the swimming pool? Here are a few of the many items:

  1. The inspector will inspect the pool’s safety features to make certain they are all working properly and to assure they meet all state, federal and local requirements. The inspector will check the fence, the locking mechanism, any other safety features you’ve added in.
  2. The structure of the pool itself. Your pool inspector will check for leaks and will check to see if the integrity of the pool shell, its interior, are viable and that there is not a potential for leaks any time soon. The inspector will check for any potential safety hazards on the deck, the diving board, the steps, etc.
  3. An experienced swimming pool inspector will also know how to assess the condition of the swimming pool equipment. The inspector will look at the condition of the pool heater, filter, pump and any other accessories the pool may have. He should be able to offer advice on the potential longevity of the pool equipment.
  4. The pool’s infrastructure will also be inspected. The plumbing or electricity that feeds the pool will be inspected to assure it is viable and has no potential for leaks or electrical shocks.
  5. The yard. He will look at the slope of the yard to assure it’s graded properly and no dirt will be washed into the pool when it rains (this is especially important in Arizona during monsoon season).

This is a short list of what will be inspected during a swimming pool inspection. Your inspector will give you a written report of all that he discovered during the inspection and that is a document you want to keep track of for the future.