A swimming pool is a necessity if you live in Arizona. When the temperatures top, and stay in, the triple digits, there is nothing better than a dip in the family swimming pool. What happens though when you just want to relax poolside, but not necessarily swim? This is one of the reasons the swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizna explain why you should have a poolside gazebo.

Gazebos are beautiful, practical and enhance the beauty of your swimming pool. It’s great when a structure does double duty — and more — while adding to the enjoyment you get from spending time and around the swimming pool with friends and family.

Adding a pergola or a gazebo to the area surrounding the swimming pool adds a level of ambiance and excitement to your backyard. 

Why you should have a poolside gazebo

Your gazebo can be an aesthetically appealing wooden structure or you can amp up the aesthetics by adding climbing plants or netting or imitation greenery to add to its appeal. Let’s face it, not too many plants can thrive under the unrelenting heat of the Arizona sun.

Gazebo facts

  • If it’s large enough your gazebo can house furniture, hammocks and other furnishings that amp up the relaxation of time spent in the structure.
  • Gazebos can be constructed in myriad shapes – round, hexagonal, octagonal or square. They can be constructed in such a way as to create the illusion of seclusion or be used as a privacy “hedge.”
  • It can have a wooden floor or be placed on decorative tile pavers. Some pool and gazebo owners simply want the ground beneath their feet when they are spending time poolside and in the gazebo

 Ornamental succulents and imitation greenery certainly beautify the look of your gazebo and are low maintenance. Talk with us if you are looking to add a structure to your poolside area this season.