How to use a swimming pool cover can be easily understood when you know the benefits of using a swimming pool cover. The swimming pool service contractors from SwimRight Pools in Scottsdale, Arizona explain that using a swimming pool cover should be something that every pool owner does with regularity.

How to use a swimming pool cover & the benefits

Swimming pool cover use can be as simple as pushing a button to open and retract the pool cover then pushing a button to seal it up when you’re done swimming or it can be a bit more time consuming if you don’t have an electronic pool cover. Even if you don’t have an easy way to get the cover on and off, it is still important you’re diligent in its use.

The benefits of diligent pool cover use include:

  • It helps heated pool water retain heat. If you live in Arizona, chances are you’re not heating the water, but for other areas of the country, this can be a major money saving feature.
  • A cover keeps dirt and debris from the water and this is important during monsoon season
  • Invest in a safety cover if you have pets and children in the house and this is an additional layer of safety
  • When triple digit temperatures set in, even a cover won’t help too much, but it can still slow the rate of water evaporation
  • When you use a pool cover you can help reduce the amount of pool chemicals you may need to use because they won’t evaporate as quickly. (In Arizona, though, it does make sense to add chemicals after the sun has gone down at night)

The biggest cost of energy and resource loss is through the evaporation of the water from the pool. For every point of water lost to evaporation from an 80-degree pool, you lose 1,048 BTUs of heat and that can truly impact your utility bills.

Pool cover types  

  • Safety cover
  • A solar cover — this may heat the pool water up too much under the Arizona sunshine, though
  • Install an electronic system to help with pool cover removal and replacement

Give us a call and talk about the proper swimming pool cover for your unique needs and unique pool shape.