You’re so ready for a swim. It’s been a long day and all you want to do is get into that pool and let the water sluice away the stresses of the day. But you go out and the water isn’t that crystal blue you’re hoping for. Why is the pool water cloudy? It’s a question the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pools and Spas in Scottsdale, Arizona get asked all the time.

Cloudy water is not something you want to swim in. Cloudy water could also pose a health risk. When the water is cloudy, chances are it contains harmful bacteria including e coli. The cloudy water can also lead to damage to the pool pump and filter.

Why is the pool water cloudy?

Cloudy water can stain the pool and corrode your accessories. Give us a call if you’re faced with that issue and don’t know how to address it. We can help.

Here are some of the reasons the water can get cloudy:

  1. The pool sanitizer is empty — this happens if you use an automatic dispenser and don’t remember to fill it back up.
  2. The pump and filter are dirty or clogged
  3. The chemicals in the water are unbalanced

How can you, or your pool service pro, go about cleaning up the cloudy water?

  1. Keep the pool water clean
  2. Shock the pool water. Sometimes this may be the only way to get the water clear
  3. Use a pool water clarifier
  4. Run the filter for the recommended amount of hours per day
  5. Keep the filter clean
  6. Turn on the bottom drains in the pool to help get rid of sediment
  7. Test it and test it again

Sometimes it can only take a small change in water chemistry to turn your water cloudy and render the pool unswimmable. Give us a call if you just want to swim and not worry about maintenance.