Triple-digit temperatures mean you will be spending time in the swimming pool when you live in Scottsdale, Arizona. Cooling off in the swimming pool is something we know our clients enjoy say the swimming pool contractors from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair. There are at least 5 benefits of swimming that you may want to hear again.

In addition to having fun with friends and family, there are these benefits you can reap in addition to the fun!

5 Benefits Of Swimming

  1. You can lower your risk of diabetes. Getting aerobic exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes. If you burn 500 calories a week with aerobic exercise you can reduce your risk of diabetes by more than five percent. When you swim three times a week for a half an hour at a time you can reduce the risk of diabetes.
  2. Give your heart a healthy workout by swimming. When you swim you increase your lung capacity, strenghten your heart and increase your blood supply.
  3. When you swim you lower your anxiety and stress and that can make you healthier. Swimming releases endorphins and those are the feel good hormones and that can make you happier.
  4. You may lose weight when you swim. The amount of calories you burn will depend on how long and how fast you swim.
  5. Swimming could help alleviate the pain of arthritis. When you’re suffering from the pain of arthritis it may be easier to just think that sitting will help with it, but in fact, movement helps keep you looser and that can help with some of the pain. When you swim, though you are getting exercise in a way that won’t put any strain on your bones and that is a major benefit.

Here is an additional benefit: Swimmers live fifty percent longer than nonswimmers! Now if that doesn’t get you into the pool, we don’t know what will! Give us a call if you want to spend your free time swimming and not cleaning the pool!