Why is the pool water cloudy? That is not something you want to ask yourself when you’re standing poolside getting ready to take a dip. This is especially true if you’re getting ready to host a swimming pool party. You certainly don’t want to tell your guests they can’t swim, nor do you want them to swim in cloudy water — chances are they won’t want to anyway!

Talk with your swimming pool service contractor from SwimRight Pool Service and Repair in Scottsdale, AZ if you notice the water simply isn’t as sparkling clean as it should be. In many instances you will notice the water going toward cloudy status before it happens. It is typically a build up to non sparkling clear water.

Why is the pool water cloudy?

Our pool service team knows that there are myriad reasons a pool may have cloudy water and they include:

  1. Poor water circulation
  2. Inadequate filtration or a dirty filter
  3. Chemical imbalances
  4. The alkalinity is too high
  5. pH levels are too high
  6. High levels of calcium hardness
  7. Water temperature. In Arizona, with the extreme heat your pool water becomes more likely to become clouded

 What is a pool owner to do? 

If you work with a pool contractor, give him a call and tell him the water is cloudy and schedule a pool cleaning and inspection.

What will your pool service contractor recommend?

Adequate pool water circulation involves running the pool pump at least twelve hours a day during the height of summer. In the winter, if you still use your pool, the pump should be run about eight hours a day. Having a variable speed pump will save money on pump operation. Running the pump for enough hours a day will help prevent the water rom becoming cloudy.

If the circulation is adequate and the filter is operational and the water chemistry is on point, you may need to have the pool water shocked — super-chlorinated — and then run the pool pump for up to twenty four hours until the water is clear.

After attempting to clear the pool water on your own and if it’s not a success, you will want to contact a pool service pro to come and test the water. He may add a clarifier or he may recommend pool equipment maintenance.