Is the swimming pool water not as clean as it should be? Are you having to add more chemicals to keep the water balanced? If that is the case it could be that the pool filter isn’t working as well as it should be. When does the sand in the pool filter need to be changed? When the water just isn’t as clean as it should be — it’s cloudy, the chemistry is tough to balance and you’re just using too many additional chemicals.

A sand filter will need to have its sand changed about every decade. The way the sand filter works is that the roughness of the sand captures dirt and debris, cleans the water and moves it back into the pool. Over time the pool water will wear away at the roughness of the sand and that means pieces of dirt and debris will slip through and your water won’t be as clean as you’d like — and need — it to be.

New sand in a pool filter will be about  .45 to .55 mm in diameter. When it’s new it is very rough and as mentioned, the roughness helps filter dirt and bacteria out of the water.

When does the sand in the pool filter need to be changed?

What will your pool contractor from SwimRight Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale do when he or she comes out to change the sand in the pool filter? Here are some of the steps that will be taken:

  1. The filters will be opened.
  2. The sand will be removed.
  3. All of the sand will be dug out and your pool contractor will likely use a cup — no sharp objects.
  4. After the sand is out, the filter’s components will be inspected to assure they’re all in working order.
  5. The filter will be cleaned and washed — usually with water and muriatic acid.
  6. The filter itself is cleaned
  7. Water is added to the tank until it’s half full
  8. New sand will be slowly added
  9. Every time a bag of sand is dumped in it will be leveled by hand.
  10. The filters will need to be opened so the sand can be removed. The type of pool filter you have will determine the steps your service tech will need to take to remove the sand.
  11. Once the filter has been removed he or she will dig out the sand and will probably use a plastic cup – never a shovel or a sharp instrument.
  12. After the sand has been removed he will clean and examine all the internal working parts thoroughly.
  13. If there is dirt build up your pool tech will soak the parts in a mixture of water and muriatic acid to get rid of the build up.
  14. The filter will be cleaned and rinsed and then ready for installation.
  15. Water will be added until the tank is half full before new sand will be added.
  16. After all the sand and water have been added, the filter will be put back together and tested in the pool.

Because changing the sand isn’t something you do with any regularity, it might be best to leave this task to the professionals. Give us a call if your pool water isn’t as clean as it should be and let us check your pool filter.